ID Media

About Us

ID MEDIA is an Advertising agency engaged in the business of buying and planning conventional advertising strategies

Realizing the full potential of conventional marketing through extentsive research and experience, to drive a new era of development, growth and productivity.

Being competitive among the best media buying and planning agency.
Do professional performance, reliable and with maximum satisfaction for client.

Why Us

ID Media has the experience to know how and when to reach the right people and the expertise to develop a strategy that connect client and customer. We have established excellent relationships with best industry practitioner ensuring we can create a media buying and planning that is best suited for our client. Through our key discipline, we know our clients target market and how to strengthen them.

Our Value

  • High quality and professional service in the field of advertising and marketing.
  • Marketing and advertising that gives concrete results to client, dedication to clients and its goals-Build best advertising & marketing service

Gerry Winartha Kusuma

Media Planning

Kawakibi Tito

Marketing Associate

Ricky Wiraguna

Media Partnership

Desti Nanda